How to Take Good Care of Your Ears

Personal hygiene is very important for a good body, soul, and mind. Some of these habits are taught to people since they were kids. In fact, as minor as they may appear, they help shape a person. The ears are some of the parts of the body, which are ignored by most people when it comes to cleaning them.

Unfortunately, most people are not aware that jmkb2we5dr52etd62y7eud82caring and cleaning ears are part of one’s personal hygiene. The ear consists three major parts of the ear, and they include inner ear, middle ear, and outer ear. You need to look after the outer ear and not the inner one. The visible part of the ear is called pinna. It is the entrance to the ear canal, which leads to the ear drum.

Importance of ear wax

Ear wax is present in all people. In fact, its major job is to act as a protective barrier between the external, middle, and inner sounds. The wax accumulates in the outer ear for several reasons. However, some people have anatomical narrowing that prevents the wax from getting out naturally.

Studies show that prolonged usage of headphones, earphones, and hearing aids interferes with excretion of wax. This explains why some people have a lot of wax than others. You should note that build-up of wax causes serious concerns, which can affect a person’s ability to hear. For instance, a person can have difficulty in hearing, which can become uncomfortable in the due course. Sometimes it can cause dizziness. In extreme cases, it can cause tinnitus.

Most doctjmknbwed5r52wetd62y72u2ors do not recommend using equipment to clean or remove wax. It is advisable only to use clean water and soap. However, if you attempt to go deeper, you can experience some discomfort. The use of cotton buds that were in the past recommended is now regarded as dangerous. This is because it may cause irreparable damage to your inner ear nerves and push wax deeper. This is likely to cause blockages and infections.

Whether it is at school or home, you should take care of the ears. If you listen to music on the routine basis, you should avoid high volume levels. It is recommended to use earplugs at rock concerts, nightclubs, airports, or motor sporting events.


It is a good practice to incorporate cleaning and examination of the ears into the daily cleansing procedure. You should check your ears on a routine basis by visiting an ENT or a general practitioner.